The Gods have no mercy.

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  Ellaria Sand in Game of Thrones Season 4 “The Lion and the Rose”

“We are everywhere in Dorne. I have ten thousand brothers and sisters.

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late hbd to the “best dad”, i suppose 

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send unpopular opinions!


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Older men declare war. But it is the youth that must fight and die.

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Dick Winters, Lewis Nixon, Harry Walsh (from Band of Brothers) and two other guys celebrating V-E Day in Berchtesgaden in 1945. V-E Day, or Victory in Europe Day, was the day that the Allied forced formally accepted the unconditional surrender of the armed forces of Nazi Germany and the end of Adolf Hitler's Third Reich, thus ending the war in Europe. 

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Quote Meme + Band of Brothers

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Christoph Waltz + Beard

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4x02 cersei lannister

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Shane Taylor (Doc Roe) & Bart Ruspoli (Ed Tipper)

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Band of Brothers alternative episode titles:


  • Episode 1: The Dude From Friends Is Angry That He Is On The Wrong Show
  • Episode 2: Winters is a Badass, Your Argument Is Invalid
  • Episode 3: Winters is God, He Cures The Blind
  • Episode 4: Bull’s Big Bad Adventure (also known as: People GIF The Shit Out Of James McAvoy)
  • Episode 5: A Wild Jimmy Fallon Appears!
  • Episode 6: You Will Fall In Love With Doc Roe
  • Episode 7: Kleenex 
  • Episode 8: How To Be Prettier Than The Entire Female Population By David Webster
  • Episode 9: When Liebgott Cries, You Cry 
  • Episode 10: The Most Emotional Episode You Will Ever See In Your Life Especially When They Start Playing Baseball And When The Veterans Come On You Will Cry A Fucking River And When Dick Winters Comes On You Will Feel Like Dying Because These Men Own Your Heart Forever 
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make me choose: anonymous asked hans or kristoff 
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Parachute Infantry quotes applied to HBO’s Band of Brothers || I closed my eyes and thought of Muck and Penkala, who were small, clean-cut men, close as brothers, and of little Julian, who was that great rarity, a gentle Southerner. Hoobler was dead too. It did not seem possible.

What hurts on top of this is that Web had been trying so hard to get back to the Company, even though it was against Army policies but despite it all he makes it only to be told so many of his brothers were gone ugh

Web feels

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(Requested by anonymous).

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